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Human Resource and Payroll services are not just mandatory for any business but actually, they are highly important for the proper functioning of all businesses – whether it’s a small business or big one. 

HR and Payroll may not seem complicated upfront. However, the fact is, dealing with tax deductions, employee wellness, benefits, compliances, supervision, registration, maintenance, Work Permit application, A1 Posting to other European countries, and administrative tasks requires a whole set of skills that are best left to professionals. 

Still, if you think as a business owner, you can wear a dozen hats and manage all the hassle and workload of the HR and Payroll department, let us quickly highlight the importance of having a professional and functional Human Resource and Payroll Services team for your business, company, or organization.

Here are a few reasons Why HR and Payroll Services are Essential for the Success of Your Business –

  • Immaculate Supervision of Administrative Processes – From employee registration, medical examination, and BHP Worf Safety briefing, to Work Contracts, Work permits, compensations, maintaining and accounting for monthly employee Payroll, LTC Corporate Services has what it takes to keep all the administrative headaches at bay so that the day-to-day business operations of your business run in an effective, cost-efficient, and effortless manner. 
  • Expert Knowledge of Advanced ComplianceWhen you are running a business, there are a million things you need to focus on. Be it your next venture, your five-year expansion plan, streamlining your production, or cutting costs. With so many things going on simultaneously, it can be very easy for you to completely overlook changes in employee regulations or compensations. Compliances, guidelines, legislations, and legalities change all the time. With LTC corporate Services you stay up-to-date and compliant.
  • Upgraded Data Security with Cutting-edge Automation – The personal data of your employees along with the sensitive payroll information is of high importance not just to the company but to all individuals who work for that organization. In today’s world of cybercrime and data theft, updated software with modern automation tools has become the norm – the HR and Payroll management solutions delivered by a professional hr and payroll outsourcing company in Poland are not at all an exception to this.

    As a professional HR and Payroll management company in Poland, we have all the latest tools and technology so that your company data stays safe and secure.

    LTC Corporate Services has extensive experience providing accounting and HR and Payroll Services in Poland to English and German-speaking clients and handling their HR & Payroll management-related issues in Poland.

    We always care for the vision and objectives of our clients. Additionally, we always strive hard to provide them with the best hr and payroll solutions that no other outsourcing HR and Payroll services firm in Poland is offering to them.

The high-quality HR and Payroll services provided by LTC Corporate Services include the following

  • Registration of our clients complying with the rules and regulations of the National Social Insurance
  • Registration of clients’ employees adhering to the rules and regulations of the National Social Insurance
  • Systematic tracking and maintenance of employees’ professional files and personal records
  • Tracking and keeping records of employees’ shift timings
  • Thorough periodic supervision of the employees’ statutory medical examinations
  • Maintenance and processing of employees’ payroll data on a monthly basis
  • Preparation of accurate and accepted Payroll statements that need to be submitted to the State Authorities
  • Pay slip generation for our clients’ employees
  • Preparation and Filing of Corporate Tax Returns along with Employee Taxes
  • Preparation and Filing of Corporate Social Security Declaration along with Employee Social Security Declarations
  • Fullservice assistance in applying for Workpermit, Residency Cards, registration for foreign workers coming from countries outside the European Union
  • Assistance for A-1 Posting to other EU-Member states

The HR and payroll administration services in Poland provided by LTC Corporate Services are primarily addressed to –

  • Employers
  • Management Officials
  • Members of the Supervisory Boards
  • Management Staff
  • Foreign Nationals working in Poland or delivering services in Poland
  • Employees who are posted to other European countries
  • Individuals who receive revenue or revenue shares from copyrights, patents, and inventions
  • Partners and shareholders of partnerships and companies
  • Individuals conducting business activities

Why LTC Corporate Services is Your Perfect Business Partner for HR and Payroll Services in Poland?

WE SPEAK ENGLISH! If you want a professional English-speaking business partner who takes care of your basic HR and payroll solutions in Poland then LTC Corporate Services is the One you Need!

Our specialty is to provide business assistance to foreigners on the grounds of Polish laws, rules, regulations, and official formalities that are required by businesses to comply with in order to have a successful run in Poland.

Many foreign investors and entrepreneurs are not completely familiar with these critical regulations and if you are one of them, we welcome you happily to be one of our esteemed clients.

Whether you are hiring employees for your business or you are a temporary work agency that leases out workers to other businesses in Poland as well as in other countries of the European Union, we can help you in your endeavor. We have the expertise to come to your aid when it comes to obtaining official work permits for foreign workers as well as take care of the job posting process concerning other countries in the EU.

We also provide extensive accounting services in Poland to foreign business owners or entities in English and German. Click here for more information.

LTC Corporate Services has been playing the role of a responsible business partner for English and German-speaking clients who need help from an hr and payroll outsourcing company in Poland.

From individual income tax filings to corporate taxation regulations – from social security compliances to employment and working legislations – from government policies to international regulatory laws and assignments – from blue-collar recruiting to human capital consulting -from getting PESEL Numbers for foreign workers to statutory medical examinations – LTC Corporate Services is your one-stop solution for all your HR and Payroll outsourcing needs in Poland

Our in-depth knowledge of Polish regulations, constant changes that come into play in the case of tax and social security laws, and technology-centric methods enable us to provide our clients with a holistic approach to accounting, bookkeeping, HR, and payroll services. 

We are well familiar with working with foreign business owners and entities and therefore, we know exactly what foreign businessmen and entrepreneurs need to operate in Poland. We go that extra mile to provide value-added services to our clients, that our competitors cannot even imagine.

Unlike most accounting offices in Poland which primarily deal with Polish business, we have the expertise in handling situations where employees or the management are not having their tax residency in Poland but are working for a Polish company. This enables us to offer a lot of benefits to our foreign clients according to Poland’s highly beneficial double tax treaties that exist for instance for foreign management board members.

No other hr and payroll outsourcing company in Poland can take pride in such expertise!

We understand the different set of challenges for foreign business entities in Poland compared to a local Polish business and thus we strive hard to provide ultimate business satisfaction to our foreign client bases, helping them counter every challenge on the front of HR and Payroll management in Poland.

With our team of highly experienced and disciplined experts, forward thinkers, visionaries, accountants, lawyers, tax advisors, HR, and IT specialists we promise to stand by your business and offer it all our expertise, know-how, and knowledge to react to any changes in the legal, economic, and human resources departments.

So, contact LTC Corporate Services today and give your business a strong foundation for the progress of tomorrow.

If you are looking to expand your business across international borders and are searching for a professional HR and Payroll Services firm, look no further than LTC Business Services as they will provide you with every bit of assistance needed for international expansion.