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Commercial Representation in Poland

Commercial Representation

Commercial Representation in Poland

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In recent times, commercial representation for businesses has soared to new heights. This is truer than ever for foreign investors, management personnel, and businessmen who have business operations in other countries. This is primarily because in most cases, the owner, manager, or investor cannot be present physically in those countries as they reside in a different country.

This is why having a local expert in that country who has the required expertise and knowledge about commercial representations goes a long way in facilitating foreign businesses. Moreover, there is a practical roadblock in terms of native language that most foreign businessmen experience and therefore, it can be more challenging for them to find local solutions and resources in terms of transactions, negotiations, meeting with local authorities, business meetings, or shareholder meetings. 

If you are a foreign investor, entrepreneur, business or business owner with representation or local advisory needs in  Poland, LTC Corporate Services wants your business to have the maximum amount of benefits and the most stupendous of all successful long-term runs. For this, you can take the help of our Commercial Representation Services which can be categorically tailored to your specific business needs and ambition.

Truly speaking, Commercial Representation for a brand, business, or organization comes with a lot of facets and covers a wide array of factors. This is why there is enormous scope in this field and the reason you need professional assistance.

Why Choose LTC Corporate Services for Commercial Representations in Poland?

LTC Corporate Services has the right expertise and experience in working with several foreign organizations and companies in Poland that want proper and professional commercial representation for their business operations in Poland.

Therefore, we tailor our services in accordance with the specific needs of our clients by understanding their needs.

Our team of experts and advisors is proficient in various languages like English, German, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian. So, with us on board, there is no question of having any language barrier. Unlike other firms, we understand your problems, provide you assistance, take care of your business needs – and do everything in your native language.

The client base of LTC Corporate Services –

Our clients are primarily foreign investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

We have a diverse group of clients who have business activities in Poland. In addition to this, we provide our services in countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Georgia.

We have a strong network of professionals who help our clients in various jurisdictions with everything that comes under their Commercial Representation needs.

Our Specialties Include –

  • Supervisory Board Representations
  • Official Representation in front of local authorities
  • Complete Subsidiary and Investment Supervision on behalf of the client
  • Thorough Business Audits and Due Diligence Services
  • Mediation Services
  • Active role in building a distribution network for our client's services/products
  • local agency and representative office representation
  • Representing the client in import/export relations
  • Active representation of clients in business meetings, mediations, and negotiations
  • Client representation before tax, customs, official, and legal authorities
  • Thorough assistance with in-court proceedings
  • Translation of documents/paperwork in the native language of the client
  • Arrangement of delivery of business documents and product/service samples
  • Proper certification and legalization of all documents

Contact LTC Corporate services Today to avail our highly experienced and professional representatives. With our expertise and knowledge of the Polish market, local specifications, and the special needs of foreign clients we are your ideal business partner when it comes to any form of local representation in Poland.