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Business licenses, Extracts, and Certificates

Business Licenses, Extracts, Certificates and other Local Business Support

As foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners with active business operations in foreign countries, you need to take care of a lot of business facets.

This includes various compliance certificates, documents, business licenses, and extracts, opening a business or corporate bank account in one of the local banks of that country, registering your business for VAT, tax representation services, HR and Payroll services, business administration, document legalization and translation needs, and the list continues.

Therefore, it’s fair to say that running a successful business in foreign jurisdictions comes with its own set of challenges. And if you do not meet these challenges with in-depth knowledge, the right expertise, and factual information, your ambition of having a successful business in that foreign country may fall flat on its face.

If you are a foreign investor or businessman in Poland, LTC Corporate Services can become your English-speaking business partner in Poland. We have the expertise and extensive experience in handling a number of foreign clients in Poland with their business representation needs.

For decades now, LTC Corporate Services has been assisting foreign business owners and investors in Poland and helping them efficiently to streamline their business operations. If there is any business obstacle that you are faced with currently, in Poland, you can contact LTC Corporate Services today to give your business the smooth and successful run that it deserves.

Why Choose LTC Corporate Services?

The two biggest advantages that you get from partnering with us are that number one, we speak English, German, Russian, Polish, and Ukrainian. So, we comprehend your problems in your language and offer practical knowledge-based solutions in your native language as well.

Therefore, you can be sure of our transparency, honesty, and the processes that we will be implementing for your business.

Secondly, we invest a considerable amount of time in listening to the exact requirements of our foreign clients, and based on their needs we tailor our services and responsibilities. This automatically enables our dedicated and expert team members to seamlessly integrate into your business team as we become a natural extension of your business aspirations.

Your success becomes our objective and this makes us stand apart from the rest. With LTC Corporate Services coming on board with you, you can be sure that your business in Poland will not just run smoothly following all compliances but also, have a stupendous run in terms of longevity and success.

So, be it subsidies, official confirmations, business licenses, extracts, work permits and certificates, business bank account opening, VAT registration, tax representation, Hr and Payroll, or legalization and translation of documents – LTC Corporate Services is your one-stop solution for all business needs in Poland.

Our Services Include –

  • Acquiring business licenses for operating as a temporary work agency in Poland or in other countries of the European Union
  • Acquiring a Transport license for business operations in Poland and the European Union
  • Assisting in the opening of Hotel facilities in Poland
  • Support with registering a foreign car for your Polish business
  • Providing complete assistance in opening and running a fully-functional Medical facility in Poland
  • Helping in receiving certificates of Market Authorization for various medical products in Poland
  • Assisting in acquiring brand and Trademark Registration for businesses in Poland and the European Union
  • Vat Registration in foreign countries

In the departments of Extracts and Certificates, LTC Corporate Services can come to your aid in receiving proper documentation for–

  • Criminal Record (required from National Criminal Register or KRK)
  • Entrepreneurs’ Registers
  • National Debt Register
  • National Criminal Record Extracts for companies as well as for individuals
  • Online Land and Mortgage Registers
  • Pledge Registers
  • Financial Market Registers
  • For specific needs regarding document legalization and translation, you can click here.
  • We also specialize in Appraisal services that concern properties and real estate.

We further help with Business relcation to Poland or with applying for grands for your project

Since all our services are specifically tailored for foreign investors and foreign business owners, you can depend on our advice and practical solutions as we have been handling a number of foreign entrepreneurs and clients in Poland who have been highly successful in partnering with LTC Corporate Services.   

In addition to all our services listed above, we also assist our foreign clients in acquiring the all-important PESEL number in Poland.

A PESEL number is an 11-digit code used in Poland to identify individuals. Therefore basically, it is a personal verification number. Having a PESEL number is mandatory for business owners and board members in Poland if they wish to have an active business or corporate bank account in Poland.

We also help foreign businesses in acquiring e-Podpis, the qualified electronic signature protocol in Poland which is also mandatory for management board members in Poland.

For Polish businesses operating within the borders of Poland, LTC Corporate Services can come to your aid in receiving a complete Corporate Tax Exemption for 4,5 years on undistributed profits. Our advisors and team members can guide you on this and help you acquire a better profit margin.

Contact LTC Corporate Services today if you are looking to address the headaches that appear in running a business in the foreign country of Poland. While we take care of all your business needs, you can focus on your global expansion goals.

LTC Corporate Services is your English-speaking business representative in Poland. Join a pool of successful foreign investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, and clients who are associated with us for decades now and have been receiving our services in various areas of their business.