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Business Bank Account Opening Assistance

Business Bank Account Opening Assistance

Business Bank Account Opening Assistance in Poland – LTC Corporate Services

Nowadays, opening a business bank account in Poland can be quite a challenge, especially when you are a foreigner or a foreign business.

Since we have strong connections and professional relationships with all local and major banks in Poland, we can assist you in the process of business bank account opening in your language.

We speak English, German, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian and are well acquainted with the special needs and requirements of foreign investors and entrepreneurs for new bank account opening services in Poland.

LTC Corporate Services is Your Solution…

LTC Corporate Services in Poland has many years of experience in opening business and corporate bank accounts for foreign businesses or Polish companies with foreign management or ownership structures.

We have business relations with all the major banks in Poland which will help you immensely in achieving your goal.

This is our expertise!

For Polish businesses whose management group resides outside Poland, we have tailored our bank account opening services and for foreign business entities, our knowledge and relation with all major Polish banks go a long way in facilitating their exact needs.

Why a Polish Corporate or Business Bank Account is Necessary for Foreign Companies?

If your business is registered for VAT in Poland, you will have to have a corporate or business Polish bank account or need to have connections with a business bank account opening agency in Poland.

Again, if your business is providing services, or products to the local Polish market, you will have to have an option for receiving local payment. This automatically brings the need to have corporate and business bank accounts in Poland at the forefront of the picture.

This is where LTC Corporate Services can come to your aid as we have every piece of information related to banks, along with extensive experience in helping foreign clients and Polish businesses open a business or corporate bank account for their company in Poland.

The best part is that in a Polish bank it is possible to open, operate, and maintain multi-currency accounts that cover the major currencies of the world like USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, etc.

However, in the case of foreign clients, it can be quite difficult to open their business or corporate bank account directly in a major Polish bank because most banks do not want to deal with foreign clients. the primary reason behind this rejection is the huge amount of paperwork and documentation that is required for foreign clients, on the grounds of KYC and AML (Anti Money Laundering) rules and regulations. 

This is true for Polish businesses whose management or owners do not reside in Poland and Foreign businesses with no office in Poland. Since LTC Corporate Services have good business and dealing terms with all the major banks in Poland, we know exactly what it takes to seamlessly introduce our clients to the bank.

Visit LTC Corporate Services Today…

If you are wondering who to talk to, where to go, or what should be your approach in terms of opening a business or corporate account in Poland with a bank that is beneficial to your business, simply contact LTC Corporate Services as we will do everything for you – in the most professional manner!

For information on new business or corporate bank account opening services in other jurisdictions, please visit LTC Business Services today.