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Your English-speaking representative in Poland

If you are a foreign investor, entrepreneur, or business owner, with business operations in Poland, you will need a business address, day office, and Co-Working space with a meeting room, for seamless operations of your business

Having a company seat or address for business operations in Poland comes with a lot of benefits that will ultimately help you in the long and successful run of your business.

For example, if your company or organization has an office address for business operations in Poland, it will automatically provide a natural stamp of credibility to your business. You will be perceived by your clients, customers, and competitors as a reputable organization that bears the mark of professionalism.

Therefore, it will boost your brand image and in turn, will positively impact your bottom line.

In addition to this critical advantage, if you have a postal address for business operations in Poland, you will be able to effortlessly keep, manage, and track all your important documents, vital paperwork, registration compliances, and other files of essential items against your permanent official address.

The added advantage of having a permanent office address in Poland is that it will complement your future goals of expansion, as you can utilize the physical office space in a number of different ways.

Finally, if you own an office address in Poland that also offers complete office services with proper mail management and scanning options, as a foreign business entity in Poland, you will be able to obtain maximum security and privacy. This is because the local company or organization you tie up with for providing you with company seat or office address solutions in Poland will invest in methods to keep every piece of document and email, related to your business highly classified and secured from the prying eyes of the external world.

Why LTC Corporate Services in Poland (Warsaw) is your One-stop Solution?

Our business centers provide Company- Address&-Seat and Mail-Malmanagement solutions for businesses requiring Polish business or correspondence address with Mail Scan, Mail Translations, mail forwarding and access to our business center in Warsaw with day offices, Co-Working Space and Meeting Rooms

For effortless and effective management of day-to-day business operations and full remote access to incomming mail you can focus on the bigger picture, your business.

LTC Corporate Services can assist you with everything you need.

Our Services Include –

  • Simple Office Address Management
  • Complete Mail Management Services (mail reception, mail scan, mail translation, etc.)
  • Arrangement of Meeting Rooms
  • Arrangement of Conference Rooms
  • Receiving, Scanning, and Forwarding Letters, Emails, and Documents
  • Local Fax and Phone Number Services
  • Call Answering Services
  • And Much More…

What do We Have on Offer for You?

  • Individual Office Spaces
  • Shared Office Spaces with Representative Meeting Rooms
  • Co-working Office Spaces
  • Individual Day Offices
  • Shared Day Offices
  • Fully-functional Conference Rooms
  • Training Rooms

Our USP –

We invest in understanding the exact needs of our foreign clients and take pride in tailoring our services according to those exact requirements with fully digitalized solutions, to manage local matters convenient from remote.

Therefore, if you need office space for occasional use, we can serve you by providing Co-working space, day offices, training rooms, and meeting rooms according to your specific needs.

On the other hand, if you are a foreign investor in Poland who requires complete mail management services including mail reception, mail scan, and mail translation services, we can help you with that as well.

This is why our specialty lies in providing attractive and extensive office package solutions to foreign investors, according to their business needs.

We have extensive experience in handling a number of foreign clients in Poland as we help them with local office address solutions, mail management services, and other local business support services which include:


English Accounting and HR Services

Business Bank Account Opening Assistance

Business Relocation Services to Poland

Commercial Representation


Business licenses, Extracts, Certificates and other local support



So, whether you want just a company seat in Poland with simple mail management services or you want a complete fully-serviced office address solution with a number of services, LTC Corporate Services could be your trusted business partner in Poland.


Our Business Center is located conviniently in the financial distrct of Polands capital Warsaw with easy access by Plane, Train or Car.