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Why Choose LTC Corporate Services in Poland

Whether it's a small business or a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME), setting up a new company in the foreign lands of Poland is never an easy task and without the right knowledge or information at your disposal, it can be quite tedious. However, if you get the right advice and a team of experts beside you who have the local knowledge and the required knowhow to conduct a successful business in Poland, the country has the optimum condition in terms of infrastructure and notable trade routes to help your business or organization reach new heights of success. This is why you should choose LTC Corporate Services – your one-stop solution for all business needs in Poland. Before we tell you Why You Should Choose Us, let us tell you What You Get With Us as your local and trustworthy business partner in Poland:

  • We are located right at the heart of Poland in Warsaw.
  • We speak English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Polish.
  • We have a team of consultants and advisors with extensive experience of working in the business sector of Poland.
  • We provide attractive economical packages for foreign investors who want to set up their businesses in Poland.

Now that you know what you will get from us, let us tell you the Facilities that We will Provide for You:

  • No matter the form and type of the business, when it comes to office space solutions and infrastructure for company setup, you will get assistance from us at every step of the process.
  • Be it your banking needs, accounting requirements, or Business Consultation; you can count on us for everything that is needed to run a successful business in Poland.
  • We will not just help you set up your business but also provide assistance when it comes to the HR Department and other Payroll services.
  • From mail management solutions to managing multiple office spaces –  you will never have to worry when we are on your team.
  • If your business deals with a specialized industry like pharmaceutical or health, we have the right team of experts to help you get the legitimate industry licenses needed to operate your business in Poland.
  • From VAT Registration for foreign businesses to dealing with government authorities and tax officials – we will work round the clock for you so that you can focus on the bigger picture of expanding your business across the international borders; while we take care of the day-to-day mundane tasks needed to keep your business running without any friction in Poland.

The Promise of LTC Corporate Services

  • As a foreign investor, entrepreneur, and business owner you do not need to speak or understand a single Polish word to own a successful business in Poland.
  • We will work locally for you while we communicate and solve your problems in a language that you speak and understand.
  • You do not have to worry about running your business in Poland or taking care of its daily operations as your success is our responsibility and number one priority.
  • If you want to make your ambitious business goals a reality in today's world, contact LTC Corporate Services in Poland and help your business scale the unprecedented heights of success.

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